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Why I Started a Blog

Welcome to my blog. You may have stumbled on here and have no idea how you got here. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. More likely you are a blood relative being forced to read this out of familial obligation; hi! Mom. Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here. I started this blog to accompany a young adult ministry. Well, the ministry no longer exists, but I found that I enjoyed writing. Last year I began to take my blog more seriously, posting weekly. I realized that I want to own my writing and now I am here.

What is The Purpose

I would like Confessions to be a blog for cradle Catholics, converts, and interested parties to learn about the Catholic faith. Every month, we will have a philosophical post, two apologetics posts, and a reflection post.

I recommend reading the following first:

  1. A defense of Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  2. Liturgy, How to Restore Balance
  3. Abortion: in the court of public opinion

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Stay curious,

Sarah Bailey

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